Are you ready for Vista?

  • Millions of lines of new code.
  • Thousands of new defects.
  • Dozens of new worms every week.

What happens when a worm sneaks past perimeter defense and finds a way to infect your PC fleet?

FireBreak AntiWorm immediately detects Zero-Day worms and slows their rate of propagation. You get valuable response time to stop an outbreak before an outbreak becomes a major disaster.

FireBreak AntiWorm detects and impedes all MS05-039 Worms!

We are trapping every new variant of every family of worms as they appear, not a day or two days later. Every worm that plagues your network today and tomorrow can be detected within seconds of when it appears on your network.

FireBreak AntiWorm traps worms before they even have names.

All of the following worms are trapped without definitions, and the infected source systems are immediately identified:
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Even better:
FireBreak AntiWorm traps and holds the probing threads. Why does this matter? By holding these threads, our system slows down the rate of worm propagation -- and buys time for your staff to respond. Many of these worms cause un-infected systems to crash repeatedly as they probe around a nework. FireBreak AntiWorm traps these threads and helps reduce the helpdesk calls and user downtime that result. Your IT staff can focus on the urgent patch deployment and cleanup, rather than fighting false alarms and unstable systems.

FireBreak 1.7 is now available.
FireBreak brings Zero Day AntiWorm protection to corporate networks. Identify worm infected systems without definition files! The industry's first and only Enterprise Scalable Zero-Day Worm Defense. Defend your network today.

FireBreak AntiWorm Pilot Projects
Intrinsic•Security is proud to announce FireBreak AntiWorm Pilot Projects. Contact us to set up a pilot project and start protecting your network today.