FireBreak AntiWorm: Intrusion Suppresion System

The FireBreak Intrusion Suppression System employs uniquely effective anti-worm technology that fills a void left by traditional network defense systems. FireBreak doesn't replace AntiVirus, Firewalls, IDS, IPS, and Patch Management systems. It bridges the gap between the release of a new worm and the release of the updated definition files for your IDS or IPS system.

How effective is Intrusion Suppression?

Before FireBreak, a worm outbreak was often a bad day that you don't realize was bad -- that is, until the next day when the latest AntiVirus definitions tell you how bad you had it yesterday.

chart showing benefits of intrusion suppression With Intrusion Suppression, you're alerted immediately to worm outbreaks. Your staff can react in the critical first moments of an outbreak. Mitigation and containment strategies are easier to implement when you have solid data about the ports a worm is probing, and the sources of the probes -- the infected systems. FireBreak AntiWorm is an Intrusion Suppression system which impedes the progress of the worm on the network, buying your staff precious time.

All in all, a worm outbreak with intrusion suppression is considerably less expensive than a day without it.

If only...

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Clearly these Intrinsic Security people were at a customer site, battling endless waves of worms and bots, and thinking: "If only there was a system that could detect worms when they hit a network, rather than a few days later when the definitions arrive. If only I could deploy a system that would slow the spread of a worm, giving staff more time to respond." right drop quote

--Tim Uckun, USIS

How does Intrusion Suppression combat worms?

Intrusion Suppression Systems provide the first layer of a network layered defense that is actually designed from the ground up to combat worms. Other layers are retrofitted solutions that were originally targeted at other problems, and don't effectively combat worms.

The FireBreak AntiWorm system is an Intrusion Suppression System which sets a worm trap on unused IP addresses of a network, and waits patiently for a worm to show up. When it does, FireBreak alerts you instantly to the activity while it actively impedes the progress of the worm.