Share in the growth of an emerging market

Expand your managed security offerings and your business. Bring effective AntiWorm Intrusion Suppression to your clients. Become an Intrinsic•Security VAR!

We are looking for a select number of new Value-Added Resellers (VAR) for FireBreak AntiWorm. This effective Intrusion Suppression System is a natural product for Managed Security, Managed Network, IT Outsourcing, AntiVirus, and Security Services companies looking to grow.

If your company has complementary products, services, or skills in systems or network security or AntiWorm technology and/or any of our target markets, please contact us. Let us help you expand your business as you help us extend our market reach!

Small security services companies - contact us!

We understand that many of the best companies in the systems and network security space are small with top notch talent. We want to work with you! If you have a long term relationship with a short list of clients, we can provide what you need to bring FireBreak AntiWorm to your clients.

Intrinsic•Security will treat all information you provide as confidential. We will not disclose it to third parties.

Learn how Intrinsic•Security can help you grow and expand your Managed Security business with an exciting and effective new AntiWorm technology.

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