AntiWorm Consulting Services

Intrinsic•Security can help you deploy the FireBreak AntiWorm system, as well as help you improve other layers of your network security.

Our team has years of experience in scalable systems management as well as design. We have years of experience combatting worms with traditional tools, and nearly two years experience with FireBreak AntiWorm. This experience translates into effective solutions and savings for you.

We can help you:

  • Deploy FireBreak AntiWorm
  • Develop mitigation strategies
  • Design ingress / egress filters
  • Configure access points
  • Improve AntiVirus definitions deployment times
  • Improve system patch deployment times
  • Tune IDS/IPS systems

IT Security & IT Architecture Consulting Services

Intrinsic Security can also assist your organization with IT strategic planning and enterprise IT architecture.

We can help evolve your IT architecture within your budget to be more practial, more cost effective, and more secure.

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Security Assessment
  • IT Security Process & Procedure development
  • CIRT/CERT training, development, and support
  • FISCAM Audit Support