FireBreak AntiWorm and Pervasive Defense.

FireBreak AntiWorm is an Intrusion Suppression System. It brings effective new depth to your Defense-in-Depth network protection strategy. FireBreak helps your AntiVirus systems work better by bridging the definitions gap. FireBreak impedes worm traffic and alerts you to their presence without definitions.

Pervasive computing demands pervasive defense. The FireBreak Intrusion Suppression System provides uniquely effective anti-worm protection for networks. FireBreak is an Intrusion Suppression System that actively impedes the spread of worms, traps scanning probes, and prevents worms from spreading like wildfire on your network.

Layered Defense graphic

The modern age of pervasive computing has arrived, and brought new network threats. Sometimes called "grid" or "mesh" computing, this interconnectedness brings compelling new services but exposes your critical infrastructure to worm outbreaks and downtime. Traditional approaches including AntiVirus, IDS and firewalls leave gaps that worms get through. FireBreak helps bridge those gaps by instantly alerting you to a worm outbreak. Even better, FireBreak actively impedes the spread of the worm, giving you more time to respond.

FireBreak is a distributed network security system which provides novel anti-worm protection. Sensors are placed around the network which listen for worm traffic directed to network addresses that are not currently in use. When a worm comes along, FireBreak slows it down, and instantly alerts you. FireBreak complements your other security layers and helps them work better. To help provide a frame of reference, we've described these other layers and how FireBreak helps fill the gaps that worms exploit in a traditional layered defense.

FireBreak does not replace Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, nor AntiVirus products. FireBreak provides a new class of anti-worm protection that bridges the gaps of these other security systems—gaps that leave a soft chewy worm-food center in a network security posture.