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Pervasive Networking

Worm attacks bring down hundreds or even thousands of systems on a single enterprise network in a single day. Worldwide, millions of systems are affected, hitting vital transportation, energy, health care, retail and government systems.

Pervasive Threats

Worm are being instrumented with trojan keystroke loggers, password sniffers and email address scavengers. Worms have stopped trains, shut down retail Point of Sale networks, crippled ATM networks, and continue to jeopardize critical systems that rely on the internet or enterprise networks--systems that you and your customer rely on.

Cleanup costs for individual worms have been estimated in the billions of dollars.

Intrusion Suppression: Pervasive Defense

Intrinsic Security has developed a new type of enterprise network defense system--a firebreak--to defend against modern worms or "bots".

FireBreak AntiWorm takes advantage of an untapped network resource -- unused IP address space -- and turns it into an effective tool to suppress worm and bot activity.

Each year more and more worms are released, and each year the cost to business and government agencies goes up. FireBreak can help. FireBreak provides the first effective Intrusion Suppression System which actually protects your network from worms. Even better, FireBreak is far easier to deploy and manage than a host based firewall system, or an IPS system.