FireBreak AntiWorm Intrusion Suppression System

FireBreak AntiWorm is a uniquely capable anti-worm system --an Intrusion Suppression System.

Finding & Stopping Worms

FireBreak provides active defense against automatically propagating network worms.

The system employs a distributed, scalable network of sensors and a centrally managed reporting, control, and alert system to trap worms and help you identify their source.

FireBreak helps enterprise network administrators bridge the period of vulnerability known as the "patch gap". The time between announcement of an exploitable vulnerability and enterprise-wide deployment of patches to fix it can be critical days, weeks, or even months for complex systems like Voice Over IP networks or POS (Point of Sale) systems.

By trapping worms, slowing their spread, and immediately alerting your staff to the worm sources, FireBreak reduces downtime due to worms.